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Creativity and innovativeness contribute to economic welfare, as well as to social and personal well-being.


European Institute of Innovation and Technology


Manifesto for Creativity and Innovation

  1. Nurture creativity in the lifelong learning process, in which theory and practice go hand in hand.
  2. Make schools and universities places where students and teachers engage in creative thinking and learning by doing.
  3. Turn workplaces into learning sites.
  4. Promote a strong, independent and diverse cultural sector that will be able to sustain intercultural dialogue.
  5. Support scientific research to better understand the world, improve people’s lives and stimulate innovation.
  6. Promote such design processes, conceptions and tools, which take into account the needs, emotions, aspirations and abilities of users.
  7. Support business innovation, which contributes to prosperity and sustainable development.


“…You can expect to have on your wrist tomorrow what you have on your desk today, and what filled the room yesterday.”
- Nicolas Negroponte