Economies based on the knowledge need innovative educational systems.



- is the base of human development.

The economic and social success in 21st century depends on whether countries could educate all of their citizens, so that they will be prepared to face the constantly changing world.

The innovative society prepares people for accepting of changes.

Education of the 21st century.


European Education.

“The European education in EU countries is being understood as nurturing universal values, characteristic for the democratic societies, i.e. respect for human rights, shaping citizenship and national identity, specifying one’s place within the European culture and hierarchy of values.”
Source: Centrum Informacji Europejskiej MSZ

“… the dynamics of today’s life and the increasing requirements of different companies towards their employees force a student to get a needed and modern profession and concrete skills. General education in the humanities, especially based on the ideals and reading of 21st century and cult of history is becoming useless. One should strengthen vocational education of the young people .”
— EduNews,