Knowledge base about new technologies

The Portal of Ministerstwo Gospodarki (Ministry of Economy) is dedicated mainly to entrepreneurs looking for domestic innovative solutions. The main goal of the Knowledge database of the new technologies is to gather in one place information about innovative resources of research and development institutes (R&D), which are mainly supervised by the Ministry of Economy and to allow all the interested entrepreneurs to browse the information, with the use of a friendly interface. What is more, the entrepreneurs have the opportunity to inquire about needed technological solutions.

Bazy wiedzy o nowych technologiach


The portal consists of two parts:

(1) information part including mainly databases and (2) integration part including tools for contacts, which is a communication platform between the institutes’ experts and a group of potential receivers of technology;

The information part mainly consists of offers and inquiries about innovative devices or technologies, information about R&D institutes and centers – innovation inventors, in a form of institute’s or center’s profile and links to their websites.  





China: second largest economy in the world, which, as expected, in 2020 will replace in the ranking the first - the United States. Largest exporter and second largest world importer.Maintaining for many years the double-digit economic growth, China is not only the largest factory of the world, but also a huge market for domestic and foreign production. Nowadays, many Chinese people have moved from rural to urban areas, raised their qualifications and income levels, forming the basis for a rapidly growing Chinese middle class. Today, an average monthly salary in China's economy is about 1.5 thousand PLN, and the domestic product per capita exceeded 7.5 thousand. USD (in 2010). It is due to this transformation, the Middle Country attracts the entrepreneurs with huge investment potential. China remains also a very demanding market, where the thorough preparation, knowledge of local conditions and access to current information play a key role.

Good time for “Go China”
I Counselor Andrzej Pieczonka, Trade and Investment Promotion Section Shanghai, China


Pro Inno Europe


Comparative analysis of the results of innovation.


Twoja Europa szansą dla Twojej firmy

Twoja Europa szansą dla Twojej firmy

Prowadzenie przesiębiorstwa w Europie.


Chcesz się dowiedzieć, co UE robi na rzecz wsparcia małych przedsiębiorstw w Europie oraz na globalnym rynku, a także, co może zrobić dla Twojego przedsiębiorstwa?

Europejski Portal dla Małych Przedsiębiorstw

Portal zawiera wszelkie informacje udostępniane przez UE dla MŚP i na ich temat, począwszy od praktycznych porad w zakresie polityki, poprzez lokalne punkty kontaktowe po odsyłacze umożliwiające nawiązywanie kontaktów.