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is an opportunity for every person regardless of gender, race, nationality, religion, political option or health conditions.

Everybody can become a volunteer.

A volunteer does not have to have any qualifications or experience. The only criteria here are strong motivations.

A person who wishes to volunteer should write us.

Practice placements, internships.

The first step on the career path is often an experience gained on practice placements.

For many young people practice placement is an investment that leads to an interesting and well-paid job in the future. It should be noted, however, that the benefits of a practice are not only on the side of a student.

Often the gain is reciprocal, because employers are able to fully use the energy, enthusiasm and, above all, eagerness of young students to working. For this to happen, and both sides to benefit as much as possible from the practice program, the employer must be convinced of the need of involvement of the student; and on the other hand the future employees should also take the initiative to make sure that the appropriate work, which they will gain the experience from, is entrusted to them, that they learn about the specific of the work in the particular organization and its principles.

All the necessary information such as tasks, work place, the time and responsibilities should be pre-defined in the announcement of the company offering practice. Details of the conditions and financial issues should be clarified by the practice provider during the meeting and interview. There are many possibilities to find a trainee.

Therefore, such an important issue for employers is the initiative and participation in the work of interns, their knowledge of the branch of their practice placement, and above all their passion in performing the duties.

The greatest benefit for the employers of creating a work environment for the trainees is having a financially economical support from the interns, who are creative and with fresh and innovative look. Employers who decide to take a person for a practice or internship should be aware that these young people will acquire their own opinions about the hosting company and the working conditions it offers. You could say that apprentices and trainees are becoming a kind of business card and opinion-forming factors that can affect the image of the company.